SES involvement in early stages of a project can ensure that important considerations are examined before extensive design and construction begins. Full evaluation of the site for solar and performance modeling will eliminate costs being wasted on a project that is not feasible.

Site Evaluation SES evaluates the proposed site for suitability/feasibility as a physical location for the solar installation. SES uses tools such as Google Earth, Sketchup, Skelion, and Solar Pathfinder. SES has AutoCad drafting capabilities for documentation of the evaluation.
  • Evaluate and mitigate shading
  • Evaluate accessibility and security of the site for construction and operation
  • Determine Utility interconnection accessibility and requirements
  • Determine local codes and permitting issues
Performance Modeling To confirm that the proposed site and installation is capable of meeting the Owner’s Project Requirements, SES utilizes modeling programs such as PVWATTS, SAM, RETScreen, or PVsyst, depending on the phase of the project or project requirements.
  • Evaluate performance impacts of shading and mitigation
  • Determine how much PV can be installed in a defined space
  • Determine how much production can be expected from the site over life of the project
  • Determine the Impacts of Light induced Degradation (LID)
  • Establish performance criteria for commissioning and annual performance review