SES can provide design review during final design stages a project. SES involvement in the early stages of the design process can ensure that major issues are addressed. Also, ensure that final commissioning efforts are considered in equipment selection and project implementation. Final Design Review reduces the potential of costly delays during the construction phase.

Design Process Review SES establishes design goals, checklists and milestones to ensure a complete design package.
  • Establish and maintain a Design Plan
  • Perform design, submittal and O&M reviews
  • Ensure consideration of commissioning, operations and maintenance, and data collection in the review process
  • Identify communications streams and Project Goals
Final Design Review SES review of Final Design Documents verifies that checklist items have been met for achieving the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) during construction.
  • Review final equipment selection, including equipment ratings for bankability
  • Review Requests for Proposals (RFP) and Review Requests for Quotes (RFQ)
  • Develop Construction Phase Tests and a Commissioning Plan
  • Ensure proper implementation of design and commissioning efforts through early discussions with Contractor