Bill Hoffer, PE is the founder and Principal Engineer at Sunergy Engineering Services PLLC.
  • Professional Engineer #30822, Mechanical, Washington State
  • NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer™ 3091110-57
  • Level I Thermographer, Infrared Training Center
  • American Solar Energy Society & Solar Washington, local chapter
  • Solar Engineering International (SEI, Paonia CO), Alumni & Adjunct Instructor
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineer, University of Washington, Seattle, WA (1984)
Sunergy Engineering Services (SES) has been serving the solar community in the Pacific Northwest since 2001 providing PV solar consulting & commissioning services for businesses, utilities, and manufacturers.

Bill Hoffer has 18+ years of experience in all facets of the solar industry. Recently, he was the principle designer/engineer start-up PV module manufacturing companies in Washington State; Itek Energy and Silicon Energy. During his career in the solar industry he has worked as a test engineer, a systems designer and an installer. He currently teaches solar classes to students around the world, both live and online, for Solar Engineering International. His experience also takes him around the world, recently completing an install in Southern Sudan to provide power for a medical clinic and school, and training for those who will maintain the system over time.

He believes that humans can create shelter and power that is not detrimental to the earth, and that solar power is a key element to a sustainable recipe for the future. His lifestyle choice is consistent with his career dedication to renewable energy. He lives with his wife in a self-built straw bale home where he grows both food and power. He is a Master Gardener, Master Recycler/Composter, and a Watershed Master Volunteer and drives a hybrid car modified to get 75 mpg.